WineAmerica and Wine Industry Network Join Forces

National Association named Presenting Sponsor for U.S. Wine & Beverage Expo 
May 31st, 2017 –  Wine Industry Network (WIN) and WineAmerica today announced that WineAmerica, the National Association of American Wineries, will be the Presenting Sponsor for Washington, D.C. based U.S. Wine & Beverage Conference and Expo (USBevX). In this role, WineAmerica will play an important part in developing conference topics, selecting speakers and leading networking opportunities. The conference and trade show will take place February 20– 22, 2018, again at the historic Marriott Wardman Park Hotel.

“We’re thrilled to broaden our relationship with WineAmerica and partner with them to establish USBevX as the premiere business conference for the eastern wine industry,” said George Christie, President of WIN.  “The quality of […]

Quality Experience = Customer for Life

Winemaking is at once an art, a science, and a business. Every great wine tells a story, which enhances its appreciation; yet, also important is the story of the person drinking it. This is where familiarity with and interest in the customer – their story – becomes integral to a winery’s success.

To this end, seasoned marketing guru Elizabeth ‘E’ Slater will be moderating a panel at USBevX titled, “Quality Experience = Customer for Life”, in which she’ll elicit insights from a bevy of customer-care experts from all areas of the wine industry. Herein, the focus will be Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 2.0: crafting a customer-centered experience.

‘E’ is excited about this panel’s potential to help the Eastern wine industry bring […]

Leading the Commitment: Owners Investing in Quality

With US BevX 2017 just around the corner, potentially one of the most important sessions will be, Leading the Commitment: Owners Investing in Quality. This panel assembly involves the actual decision makers; the owners who must lay down hard-earned cash to invest in quality practices, all the way from the vineyard to the tasting room. This session is meant to be a sharing of their practices, what has worked and what bloopers they have made over the years.

The session moderator is well-known wine blogger, Joe Roberts, of Roberts began his blog ten years ago, making him pretty much the wine blogger granddaddy (in blogger years). He has very high hopes for this panel discussion. “The panelists are very […]

New Use for IDY: Increasing Phenolics as a Foliar Spray

What if your wine grapes had the brix levels of ready-to-harvest grapes, but didn’t taste or smell ripe? With warming trends across the globe, this scenario may become increasingly problematic for those in the many areas of the US that have less than idyllic weather patterns.

A new product from Lallemand called LalVigne Foliar Spray, an organic yeast derivative, which is applied at veraison, may be the ticket to increasing phenolic maturity in these more difficult growing areas. In the USBevX 2017 conference session entitled: Vineyard Trials: Lalvigne – Foliar Spray for Increasing Phenolic Maturity in Wine Grapes, panelist and representative for Scott Laboratories, Megan Hereford, hopes to convince wine grape farmers of the spray’s potential worth.

Inactive Dry Yeasts (IDY) […]

Learning from the Trailblazers

“Quality all comes down to one thing: vineyard practices,” according to Frank Morgan, moderator for the U.S. Wine & Beverage Industry Expo (USBevX) session entitled Pioneering the Commitment to Quality: A Roundtable Discussion with Winemaking Trailblazers. “This is the one factor that the pioneers in the Mid-West and East Coast winemaking industry have as the feature uniting them together. Often overlooked is the growing aspect,” says Morgan. “With regards to The Quality Revolution, the theme of USBevX 2017, there is so much emphasis on wine quality, but not much discussion on what went into that behind the scenes.” Morgan, the associate editor of Virginia Wine Lover magazine, the only print publication dedicated to that state’s wine industry, is a […]

Quality-Focused Conference Created for Rising Eastern Wine Industry

By Dawn Dolan

With the posh, power location of Washington D.C., the US Wine & Beverage Expo (USBevX) starts the conference theme “Quality Revolution” off with an air of authority. Honing the focus this year toward the burgeoning East Coast wine industry, the 2017 Expo should appeal to a broad range of wine & beverage industry principals.

“Our first conference earlier this year was too broad,” acknowledges George Christie President of Wine Industry Network, the producer of the event. “We decided going forward, to do what we do best, and that is to focus on the wine industry, their issues, as well as talk about other beverages and their impact on wine category.

“Additionally, as more wineries look to expand their offerings […]

Winery Association Leaders Converge in Washington, D.C. for Inaugural Conference

By Elizabeth Hans McCrone

“You can’t find a successful wine region that doesn’t have a strong winery association tied to it.”

So proclaims George Christie, President of the Wine Industry Network (WIN) and primary organizer of the Wine Association Leadership Conference (WALC) that’s taking place in conjunction with USBevX 2017, this coming February 22-24 in Washington, D.C.

In addition to a full conference and trade show, USBevX 2017, the second annual Wine and Beverage Expo, will host a concurrent set of six sessions within the larger conference geared specifically for winery association leaders, executive directors, board members and key staff.

“Our goal is to launch an innovative summit this year that winery association leaders can attend annually with their peers to share information […]


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