The New Press Machine: Bloggers and their Increasing Influence in the Industry

The changing role of bloggers in the world of wine marketing has infiltrated into the wine industry at last. USBevX 2017’s directed session, The New Press Machine: Bloggers and their Increasing Influence in the Industry will explore the role of this newest mechanism in getting your brand known.

“I don’t think this is a regional issue. The role of bloggers has changed a lot during the last few years, so this is a subject wineries all over the country can relate to,” says Tina Caputo, wine and lifestyle writer, with a long history as editor for the top trade publications of the wine industry. She continues, “During the last five years, there has been a blurring of the lines between […]

On-Trend Quality Techniques for Winemaking

Bringing winemaking trends directly to the winemakers themselves, Michael Attanasi, Coordinator at the Virginia Winemakers’ Research Exchange, will be presenting a two-part discussion at the wine industry’s newest technical conference and exposition, US Wine & Beverage Expo 2017 (USBevX). Shooting for the highest quality of panel topics, speakers, and vendors that are currently trending for East Coast and Mid-western wineries and winemakers, organizers of the Expo have asked Attanasi to moderate two practical-application sessions: Whole Cluster Inclusion: Exploring Quality Trends in Eastern Winemaking and The Effect of Granular Oak Additions: Exploring Quality Trends in Eastern Winemaking. 

Attanasi is excited about these sessions. “There is a lot of interest in the East Coast wine industry on improving the overall regional […]

Winery Association Leaders Converge in Washington, D.C. for Inaugural Conference

By Elizabeth Hans McCrone

“You can’t find a successful wine region that doesn’t have a strong winery association tied to it.”

So proclaims George Christie, President of the Wine Industry Network (WIN) and primary organizer of the Wine Association Leadership Conference (WALC) that’s taking place in conjunction with USBevX 2017, this coming February 22-24 in Washington, D.C.

In addition to a full conference and trade show, USBevX 2017, the second annual Wine and Beverage Expo, will host a concurrent set of six sessions within the larger conference geared specifically for winery association leaders, executive directors, board members and key staff.

“Our goal is to launch an innovative summit this year that winery association leaders can attend annually with their peers to share information […]


By Allison Levine, Foodable Contributor

Times have changed for the beverage industry. The growth and proliferation of wine brands, craft beers, and spirits offer consumers more of a selection than ever before. Whereas in the past a consumer could be tagged as a READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

Beverage execs get together, agree ‘new normal’ has arrived for alcohol drinkers

Mark Barden of Eat Big Fish (left) moderated an insightful chat with beer writer Ethan Fixell concerning trends among millennial consumers.
Held in Washington, D.C., the US Beverage Industry Expo (USBevX) is a conference produced by Wine Industry Network (WIN), but it’s not just about.. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

US Beverage Industry Expo Ignites Conversation on the “New Normal” in Beverage Alcohol

WASHINGTON, DC (February 22, 2016)– The US Beverage Industry Expo (USBevX) successfully concluded two-plus days of provocative dialogue that boldly presented the idea of an emerging “New Normal” in the beverage alcohol industry. Driven largely by Millennial consumer behavior that is creating disruptive change in the wine, spirits, craft beer and cider categories, this growing mega-trend was explored by hundreds of producers and industry executives from leading beverage companies across the United States at this inaugural conference.

Nielsen presented research that validates the notion of a New Normal, including the launch of never-seen-before on-premise data from their newly formed Nielsen CGA Brand Index. Acknowledging consumer tendencies to “cross-drink” has driven an explosion of new brands, new flavors and innovative new […]

Whole Foods wine buyer, Doug Bell, on how to get on the shelf

Doug Bell, Global Beverage Buyer / Whole Foods Market, has acquired a rarefied view of the world of buying and selling wine and considers wine to be a universal symbol of community and an integral part of a complete culinary experience. Doug let’s us in on the secret to what it takes to get on the shelf and noticed by consumers.

What has changed in consumer purchase behavior in the past 12-24 months? Is there a category that is grabbing more attention? (Wine/Beer/Cider/Spirits)?
We see increased trends of category cross-shopping amongst our Millennial customers for sure. They are buying all beverage categories. All customers and especially Millennials are seeking authenticity as well across all beverage. They want to know that the […]

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