New Use for IDY: Increasing Phenolics as a Foliar Spray

What if your wine grapes had the brix levels of ready-to-harvest grapes, but didn’t taste or smell ripe? With warming trends across the globe, this scenario may become increasingly problematic for those in the many areas of the US that have less than idyllic weather patterns.

A new product from Lallemand called LalVigne Foliar Spray, an organic yeast derivative, which is applied at veraison, may be the ticket to increasing phenolic maturity in these more difficult growing areas. In the USBevX 2017 conference session entitled: Vineyard Trials: Lalvigne – Foliar Spray for Increasing Phenolic Maturity in Wine Grapes, panelist and representative for Scott Laboratories, Megan Hereford, hopes to convince wine grape farmers of the spray’s potential worth.

Inactive Dry Yeasts (IDY) […]

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