Quality Experience = Customer for Life

Winemaking is at once an art, a science, and a business. Every great wine tells a story, which enhances its appreciation; yet, also important is the story of the person drinking it. This is where familiarity with and interest in the customer – their story – becomes integral to a winery’s success.

To this end, seasoned marketing guru Elizabeth ‘E’ Slater will be moderating a panel at USBevX titled, “Quality Experience = Customer for Life”, in which she’ll elicit insights from a bevy of customer-care experts from all areas of the wine industry. Herein, the focus will be Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 2.0: crafting a customer-centered experience.

‘E’ is excited about this panel’s potential to help the Eastern wine industry bring […]

CrossRoads for the Beverage Industry

February 16 – 18, 2016 · Washington, D.C.
All eyes will be on Washington, D.C. this coming February for an unprecedented display of bipartisanship, as the inaugural US Beverage Industry Expo (USBevX), reaches across the table for a cross beverage cheers. 2016’s must-attend forum for the multi-billion dollar alcoholic beverage industry sets aside the differences and focuses on the common challenges and interests for the beer, cider, spirits and wine industry.

Not since prohibition have converging trends caused so massive a disruption across the beverage industry and broken down its barriers. Segmentation of the industry in the domains of beer, cider, wine and spirits have become unsustainable. Disruption is the New Normal, victory is in the hands of the challenger, the rule and boundary breaker.

To help the beverage  industry navigate the New Normal, USBevX brings […]

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