Leading the Commitment: Owners Investing in Quality

With US BevX 2017 just around the corner, potentially one of the most important sessions will be, Leading the Commitment: Owners Investing in Quality. This panel assembly involves the actual decision makers; the owners who must lay down hard-earned cash to invest in quality practices, all the way from the vineyard to the tasting room. This session is meant to be a sharing of their practices, what has worked and what bloopers they have made over the years.

The session moderator is well-known wine blogger, Joe Roberts, of 1WineDude.com. Roberts began his blog ten years ago, making him pretty much the wine blogger granddaddy (in blogger years). He has very high hopes for this panel discussion. “The panelists are very […]

Quality-Focused Conference Created for Rising Eastern Wine Industry

By Dawn Dolan

With the posh, power location of Washington D.C., the US Wine & Beverage Expo (USBevX) starts the conference theme “Quality Revolution” off with an air of authority. Honing the focus this year toward the burgeoning East Coast wine industry, the 2017 Expo should appeal to a broad range of wine & beverage industry principals.

“Our first conference earlier this year was too broad,” acknowledges George Christie President of Wine Industry Network, the producer of the event. “We decided going forward, to do what we do best, and that is to focus on the wine industry, their issues, as well as talk about other beverages and their impact on wine category.

“Additionally, as more wineries look to expand their offerings […]

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