CrossRoads for the Beverage Industry

February 16 – 18, 2016 · Washington, D.C.
All eyes will be on Washington, D.C. this coming February for an unprecedented display of bipartisanship, as the inaugural US Beverage Industry Expo (USBevX), reaches across the table for a cross beverage cheers. 2016’s must-attend forum for the multi-billion dollar alcoholic beverage industry sets aside the differences and focuses on the common challenges and interests for the beer, cider, spirits and wine industry.

Not since prohibition have converging trends caused so massive a disruption across the beverage industry and broken down its barriers. Segmentation of the industry in the domains of beer, cider, wine and spirits have become unsustainable. Disruption is the New Normal, victory is in the hands of the challenger, the rule and boundary breaker.

To help the beverage  industry navigate the New Normal, USBevX brings […]

Four Tiers? Three Tiers? No Tears for Savvy Brands in the New Normal

Changes in the beverage industry over the last few years have created a “new normal”, in how beverage producers need to look at their business, but how has this affected the 3-tiered system?

Long gone are the ‘pull-market’ days of lore. Today, importers, distributors, suppliers and reps are constantly hustling to make the next sale and it is a fiercely competitive marketplace. The industry is big and scary for some, but it doesn’t have to be.

I see a general trend towards mutual success and understanding coming from all three tiers. Most industry players that have been at this for a long time get that working together and understanding the needs of each other is the fastest road to success. Now, […]

Customers Drink With Their Eyes

Greetings from BevX 2016 headquarters. BevX is all about you and your craft. You’re a beer producer, or maybe a vintner or distiller. Your passion is all about what goes in the bottle, which makes sense. The reality is, people who drink your brew decide whether or not they like it before they ever pop the cap. So, how important is the package you fill with beer? I asked David Schuemann, Owner & Creative Principal of CF Napa, and one our speakers at BevX, to share his perspective.

One of the keys to success in breaking through the ever-growing crowd of alcohol beverage offerings is exceptional design and packaging. There is no question about it: with all sorts of consumer […]

Is Your Brand Newsworthy Enough in the New Normal?

Getting attention from the media has never been easy, but remains an essential component to brand building. The notion that the internet has changed that for the better couldn’t be further from the truth. There are fewer “key media” so competition for their attention is fierce. Bloggers writing about wine or beer, etc. seem plentiful, but who’s reading what they’re writing and will a good review from a blogger move the “sales needle”?  Most producers have limited time and resources for their public relations programs, so how do they choose who and where to focus? In the “New Normal” there are more brands, and as a consequence, more choices, and to make things even harder, more channels to choose […]

Dare to Disrupt…Challenging the Status Quo in the Beverage Industry

Talk about disruption. A fundamental shift in the beverage alcohol industry has been underway, under our noses, for more than a decade, and it’s largely due to new producers who have broken all the rules and challenged the status quo.

Whenever the world changes it’s because someone, somewhere is challenging our understanding of how things work. They step forward and present a different way, something new to believe in. Call them The Challengers.

“Who will win in the New Normal?”

Jeff Bezos of Amazon challenged retailing, envisioning an online store that would one day sell everything, long before he’d sold his first book. Uber is challenging the taxi industry and puts a personal driver in everyone’s pocket. And every day, scores of […]

Beverages at a Crossroads: USBevX is Open for Registration

The alcoholic beverage industry has been turned on its ear! Disruptive forces are propelling the beverage alcohol industry into a dynamic future that’s very different from its past. A more diverse consumer base, small & medium producers encroaching in on bigger brands, regulatory taxes and alcohol laws changing are all just some of the issues. These changes are creating a unique set of challenges — and unprecedented opportunities for growth and success.

Beer, Cider, Spirits and Wine have much in common, including the consumers they’re chasing and the challenges they face.

“The beverage landscape has changed and traditional lines between categories are being blurred by consumer habits, largely driven by millennials.”

“New entrants – producers whose brands are disrupting the industry – […]

Alcohol Beverage Segments Finding Common Ground in Legislation and Marketplace

National Conference to Address New Market Realities in ‘Cross Industry Dialogue’
As millennial consumption continues to drive marketplace innovation and all sectors of the alcohol beverage industry are projected to rise, wine, beer, cider and spirits segments may be finding increasing reasons to work together for their proverbial common good.
A case in point is legislation recently introduced by Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) that would amend the current federal excise tax structure for all beverage alcohol.
The bill, S. 1562, is called “The Craft Beverage Reform and Modernization Act of 2015.” Key components of the legislation include consolidating a number of provisions in existing beer, cider and distilled spirits bills into one proposal and incorporating a change in the tax credit structure […]

Washington, D.C. Beverage Industry Trade Show & Conference Announced

New Expo focused exclusively on Wine, Craft Beer, Cider & Spirits Industries
Healdsburg, Calif., May 7, 2014 – The Wine Industry Network (WIN) today announced the launch of the U.S. Beverage Industry Expo, a new trade show and conference focused exclusively on the Wine, Craft Beer, Cider and Spirits industries.

“Our objective is simple; we want to establish an annual world-class business event for Wine, Craft Beer, Cider and Spirits professionals” said George Christie, President and CEO of Wine Industry Network. “These four industries are perfectly aligned to benefit from one combined trade show. This event will feature the best suppliers showcasing their products and services and an educational conference where attendees can listen to and learn from proven winners,” adds […]

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